在泰雅族人成年之路上,經由希利克鳥的帶領並跟隨著月亮變化來迎接不管是狩獵或是人生重大決定的挑戰。也經由這些挑戰得到部落的榮耀 "Ptasan 紋面”。

The Road to Adulthood.

This year BulauBulau become eighteenth years old.
The core of this year is “The Road to Adulthood”
From generation to generation,  the life path step into new era.
BulauGoodGoods recombine the classics from these eighteen years, present new season of 2021.

The initiation path of Atayal tribe, the youth led by Siliq and follow Moon Phases to make decisions of hunting even the challenge of life.
“Ptasan” - It mean glory tattoo of Atayal people. The only way to get “Ptasan” is pass the challenge!  If you don’t have "Ptasan" means you’re not real Atayal.

Therefore, the color of this season  we will use the unique three colors of the Siliq combined the Classic of Atayal - red, black and white  in our weaving product.
The Moon Phases, the Siliq, the Hunter and the Weaver combined become 2021 new season collection  “The Road to Adulthood”

2021 新東東 New collection

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