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村落溪山 Village with Mountain and River

NT$ 20,000.00
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村落溪山 (桌巾 ) Village with Mountain and River (Table Runner )



不經讚嘆! 吾鄉有此好溪山!

此為訂做款,下單後開始織做, 約需30個工作天織做完成

商品皆為純手工製作,每一次的染色因應氣候及植物水質種種因素,呈現出的效果都不同,所以每一塊手染布每次製作出來顏色會些微不同, 不會到完全一模一樣喔!每一塊都會是獨一無二的

織女: Gumi    染色:M'l's

Style Details 

By the mountains and streams,
This is where we live,
Every day I watch the climate change reflect the scenery of the village,

Without admiration! There is such a good scene in my hometown!

This is made-to-order. We will start weaving after placing the order. It takes about 30 working days to complete.
Size can customize. If you need to change the size, contact us on Line!

Each dyeing process has different effects depending on various factors such as climate and water quality, so each hand-dyed fabric will be unique.

Weaver: Gumi  Yarn dye: M’l’s

.100% 苧麻

清洗方式: 建議送乾洗或是以中性洗劑浸泡手洗,清洗後晾乾即可,切勿搓揉及烘乾. 植物染織品建議不要太經常清洗及直曬陽光會加速退色. 顏色會時間漸漸淡化為正常現象, 植物染織品第一次清洗會些微掉色為正常現象 

 100% Ramie 
 .Plant dyed color: black by guava leaf
 .Care instructions: dry clean 
 .Fringed hem 

長 240cm 
寬 38cm 
流蘇 12cm 
Length 240cm 
Width 38cm  
Hem 12cm 


They can be used as table runners, tea cloth, or home décor.
The results of dyeing can be influenced by weather, plant used, water, etc. Therefore, every cloth will come out differently and are thus unique.
The colors of woven cloth are from natural dye and will slowly fade over time. Frequent wash and direct exposure to sunlight will speed up the fading.  
Dry clean or hand wash with water. For handwash, press the cloth and do not rub it. Use neutral detergent with water under 30 degrees Celsius.
Do not use a washing machine or dryer which will cause deforming or shrinking.
Please place the cloth in a dry environment. Add camphor ball to repel bugs and keep dry if necessary.
The picture of the product is only for reference. The color of the product appearing on your monitor might deviate from the actual product. 


LINE ID:@923wnncl
客服時間:周二到周六 9:00~17:00

#All products are handmade. No return is allowed after 7 days of receipt. Please make sure that you inspect the products upon receipt and contact us if there were any artificial defects. Thank you.



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